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Microsoft E3 Reactions

  • Written by Gary LaPlante


- Okay so here we go, to start off we have... what is this? Red Dead Redemption?




- This open world looks absolutely huge, it appears to really open, seems to offer a lot of dynamic situations for the stealth mechanics.


- Kojima sure can get me excited for a game, I want this more than I want anything else in my life.


- So we get free old games like Halo 3 and Assassin's Creed 2? It would be cool if everyone didn’t already own them.


- World of Tanks, I wouldn’t say I’m excited for it, but the fact that it is free to play is a big departure from microsoft’s philosophy in the past. Could be a sign for things to come.


- Oh yea forgot about the new Xbox 360, cool I guess.


- Dark Souls 2 look impressive, although that trailer can’t be real, it was nearly 60 seconds long and the player didn’t die.


- Ryse: Son of Rome looks really good, for whatever reason, I love that the armor has such a distinct sound when you walk, that level of detail is just awesome.


- Quick time events are still in next gen? Can we please get away from this trend?


- Whoa did that guy just get his leg cut off? That guy just got his leg cut off.


- Okay seriously, even with the quick time events already.




- Listen to that music! ULTRA COMBO! Whoa, yes.


- Wait, Insomniac Games exclusive on Xbox One? That is huge.


- Sunset Overdrive, I love the bright cartoon like look of this game, appears that Insomniac games is going back to their more style after the mediocre Fuse.


- Forza 5, driveatar? Umm... okay? I don’t care too much about my own driveatar, as long as it makes the AI not drive in a straight line around the track like well... AI, I’m all for it.


- Xbox talking about indie developers, well this is good.


- Oh, it’s minecraft. At this point can we really call minecraft indie? Well whatever, I love minecraft.


- Quantum Break, guy undergoes an experiment gone wrong, how creative.


- Project Spark god game using smart glass and kinect, I’m not a big fan of smart glass but this does appear to a good use of it. As in they are doing things that would be tedious and annoying on a controller.


- This reminds me a lot of RPG Maker on the PS1.


- I don’t think the two guys on stage did this game justice, it looks to have a lot of potential with an endless amount of replay value, we’ll see.


- Smart glass? MORE LIKE FART GLASS!


- Uploading your games and editing them with upload studio? I’m all for this.


- Xbox parterning with TwitchTV so you can instantly broadcast your game, excellent news.


- YES! No more microsoft points.


- Ruh roh, there appears to be a problem with the audio during the Crimson Dragon trailer, I love me some Panzor Dragoon though, even without audio, I’m excited for this.


- Dead Rising 3, let’s hope that they learned from the past 2 Dead Rising games major faults


- So Dead Rising 3 is Resident Evil now? It seems t be a lot more serious than in past games. What happened to Dead Rising the slapstick comedy zombie game?


- Witcher 3 is full open world now, great news, oh wait they are talking about voice commands with Kinect.


- Witcher 3 looks absolutely amazing though, seriously, amazing.


- Battlefield 4... having some... problems. Oh man this poor guy on stage, oh god this is so brutal.


- Phew, finally it gets started. Well Battlefield looks like Battlefield. I don’t know what else to say about that. It looks pretty and all it’s just stuff we’ve all seen before and they only showed single player, has anyone ever played a battlefield game for the single player? I get why they did it, it’s just so blah.


- Below, I have no idea what this is, but I’m intrigued.


- Lots of pre rendered graphics going on. A new IP?


- Oh no, it’s another Halo. I don’t know about you guys but I’m a little Haloed out, Halo 4 had great multiplayer but this is the 7th Halo FPS Halo. I just can’t seem to get that excited about them anymore, I know it kind of makes me a hypocrite as I’m excited for the millionth Metal Gear game.


- Xbox One will launch at $500. Yesh, get two games plus takes that’s going to take you around $660.


- One more exclusive please let it be Banjo Kazooie, please let it be Banjo Kazooie, please let it be Banjo Kazooie. Dammit.


- Titan Fall looks pretty damn awesome. You can really tell the influences from the guys at Infinity Ward into this game.


- The ability to pilot mechs or as they call them Titans. Really interested in this game, this is the one of the few multiplayer games I could see myself sinking hour into.


Welp, that’s it. All in all a decent showing. I’m really excited about Crimson Dragon, Killer Instinct, all the TwitchTV and Upload Studio stuff, Titan Fall looks quite interesting. In the end, I left feeling empty, I don’t envision myself purchasing an Xbox One. I just didn’t see that game that I NEEDED to have, I saw a bunch of games that I would really like to have.

ContinueEnd's E3 Predictions: Nintendo Edition

  • Written by Gary LaPlante

Well, it’s that time of year again. For some it means going to the beach, even though the beach is an awful place that you should never even consider going no matter the circumstances, while for others it means crossing days off of your calendar until that magical time of year; E3. That day is rapidly coming upon us, so here at Continue End we are going to take a look at the big three; Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, and prepare you for what you should expect and what we hope for. In this installment we are going to look at Nintendo. 

What to expect.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and an Industry of DLC

  • Written by Gary LaPlante

With the recent release of the new Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, I wanted to touch on the DLC and how developers treat it.

I haven’t been a big proponent of DLC in the past or numerous reasons. My main gripe with DLC is that it comes out a few months after a game is release and more in some cases and it attempts to build on the central story line. No matter how good it is, it always falls flat for the simple reason is that you haven’t played the game in a few months and you aren’t engrossed into the story. Playing a single player game isn’t just about the gameplay in most cases. It’s about the story, the characters and it’s about the experience. Removing yourself from that experience for a few months and going back into it expected to remember everything that has happened on that virgin playthrough as you play the DLC just doesn’t work in most cases. You feel detached from this world that you once knew very well, but now it just feels like bumping into an ex-girlfriend you once loved. The fire is still there, it’s just dim and you stumble trying to remember the past.

What Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon does right is that it doesn’t attempt to add onto the story of Far Cry 3 and this works so well. This is what DLC should be. It shouldn’t try onto the main story because chances are, you’ll end up struggling to remember key points in the story structure and the plot will just feel blah. Blood Dragon ends up just being a silly, fun game independent from Far Cry 3 itself.

DLC is a very viable way for game companies to create more income and keep their product in the minds of gamers. In saying that, there is a right and a way wrong to do this, they could either create a new experience taking risks that they couldn’t take in a full retail product, or they could attempt to add onto a story that has already been wrapped up. Developers should keep this in mind when they plan on making DLC for their games.