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There Shouldn't Even Be Tiny Tina Controversy

  • Written by Dave Walsh

Tiny Tina

So if you've been paying attention to the gaming world of late, you'll probably notice some rather interesting stuff surfacing about Borderlands 2. Some have taken it upon themselves to look at the character of Tiny Tina and declare the character to be offensive and racist due to some of the slang that she uses. Tiny Tina is, of course, the lovable little thirteen year-old explosives expert from the second edition of the Borderlands game and she happens to be white and use some words that some find to be offensive coming from her. 

Writer Anthony Burch has come out to defend himself, explaining that the character is based upon some real-life people that he knows and adopted some of their mannerisms and speech. This includes using such racy words as "badonkadonk" and "crunk,"  which some have decided are classless words used to typify African American society today. 

The whole thing seems like a crazy overreaction by a select few people to what is a relatively harmless character in a fun game that has been out for months now without this being a problem before. Words do indeed hold power and can be used to both empower and beleaguer characters, but in this case I sincerely believe that it was just seasoning and small detail to add to the character to help give her more depth.

This feels like people who tend to get offended finding themselves bored and with nothing to be up-in-arms about -- especially with the delay of Grand Theft Auto V -- and grasping at any straw that they could find. Burch seems like a good guy and sometimes you just have to let a writer do his thing and take his word for things. Burch shouldn't have to go in and change anything about this character due to a few people being offended, people just need thicker skin.

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