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Microsoft Fighting Dirty in the Console War?

  • Written by Christopher Jones
  • Category: News Main

We've all heard that there's no such thing as bad press, and bad news is better than no news, but if the post E3 fallout is any indication then Microsoft would probably disagree with both of these adages. The latest reports of Microsoft's marketing strategy are no different from the rest of the seemingly "Uh...why?" campaign that they've launched.

Apparently, Microsoft employees have been infiltrating Best Buys across the country to sabotage the Wii U's promotional campaign. Basically what is happening is that that Nintendo has set up a sort of cross promotion between E3 and Best Buy to allow fans to check out what Nintendo has to offer. It's a solid idea because potential customers and skeptics can check out some hands on demos at the Wii U in store kiosk.

The poor sales of the Wii U, and what some consider a weak presence at E3 this year have pretty much rendered Nintendo a non-threat to Microsoft, or at least not nearly as big of a competitor as Sony, so why go to such great lengths to sway customers? It's not like Microsoft is coming into a store at the same time as Nintendo and also setting up kiosks and displays to promote their product but, if the reports are true, they are actually sending people into Nintendo's lines to try to convince them NOT to buy a Wii U.

It's a cut throat business tactic, and sales/marketing is a competitive business, but amidst all of the negative press, criticisms and fan backlash this just smells of desperation from Microsoft. After Sony absolutely crushed them with their press conference at E3, and Microsft's Don Mattrick told consumers NOT TO BUY an Xbox One, Microsoft is in pretty dire need of some marks in the "Win" column. Deciding to focus on the lesser of your two competitor's system's weaknesses instead of promoting your product's strengths, while essentially trolling their employees and customers is not the way to go about doing so.

Five New GTA V Screenshots

  • Written by Christopher Jones
  • Category: News Main

Rockstar Games has just released five new screenshots for their upcoming Grand Theft Auto 5, and they continue to impress. This collection is all about travel, and more specifically - vehicles. Cars, motorcycles, submarines oh my! The images also show off some of the more scenic locations in the game including the hills of Los Santos, small rural towns and even the friggin' ocean. Check out the images below:

Grand theftin'

The scope and scale of GTA V keeps getting bigger, and it looks promising enough to fulfill the expectations of fans of the series who felt that GTA IV fell flat in a lot of areas. It's fitting that the game will take players back to San Andreas because, judging from the trailers and screenshots, this will evoke the same feelings and response as the massiveness of that setting did for GTA: San Andreas.

Is GTA V setting itself up to be the magnum opus of the franchise?

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Battlefield 3 DLC Sale: Want Some? Get Some!

  • Written by Christopher Jones
  • Category: News Main

This week's Xbox Live Marketplace "Deal of the Week" is for Battlefield 3, and it's a Hell of a deal. All five of the game's map packs are now half price (making them 600 Microsoft Points each), or if you've skipped on most of them up until now you can also snag a Battlefield 3 Premium subscription for 2800 MS Points, which will give you all of the maps, some unique weapon camos and a nifty, albeit somewhat pretentious, in game dog tog to use.

If you haven't previously purchased any of the map packs the best deal is clearly the Premium option, but for 600 MS Points apiece this is a great deal for those that would rather pick and choose the content that they add. The appeal of bigger maps is a bit lost on the console versions of Battlefield, due to the limitation of 32 players instead of 64, so maybe you want to skip Armored Kill. Back to Karkland might not interest you due to the maps being remakes of previous ones in the BF series, as well as a widely available free add on during launch. Whatever your preference, if you haven't bought any of the game's map packs and want to add some longevity to the title to tide you over until Battlefield 4 - now is the a great time to do so.

Barbara Gordon Gets Her Revenge in Injustice

  • Written by Christopher Jones
  • Category: News Main

NetherRealm Studios has just released the latest character reveal/DLC trailer for Injustice: Gods Among Us, featuring its newest fighter - Batgirl. Yes, just what everyone wanted from this game - more Batman characters. Also on display in the new footage is an appropriate new skin for The Joker - his "Killing Joke" attire from that fateful night when he shot, and paralyzed Barbara Gordon. Check it out below:

It is still unconfirmed at this point whether or not the new Joker skin will be part of the Batgirl DLC like the Batman "Flashpoint" skin was with Lobo, or is going to be included as a new skin pack - which, much to dismay of many who bought it, are not included in the season pass.

EA Litigation Details Payment Plans to Plaintiffs in Football Monopoly Suit

  • Written by Jason Nawara
  • Category: News Main

Last summer, EA finally settled the $27 million dollar lawsuit that states that it's exclusive licenses of NCAA Football and Madden created a monopoly. Now, people willing to become plaintiffs in the lawsuit have recently received an email detailing exactly what they need to do in order to get back cash for what are now legally looked at as 'overpriced' games.

This sets a pretty wild precedent. If you bought a NEW EA football game post-2005, you are a plaintiff in the suit. Below are pictures from EA litigation email with all the details you need, or you can go to The question is if that many gamers ($27 million worth) feel like they got that ripped off by the Madden and NCAA franchise...

Actually, now that I think about it, I definitely want some money back for Madden 06 in the 360. Garbage.