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Selling Games Consoles in China is Still Off the Table, Contrary to Rumors

  • Written by Kieran McNairn
  • Category: News Main


Oh China, you and your super firewall which stops your citizens from learning about such cool things as this list of unusual deaths. You truly are a dystopian sci fi writer’s dream. The way your government tells people one thing but actually does another is so Orwellian that it’s hard to believe this is happening now, in real life. For example, the China Daily reporting that you planned to drop the ban on game consoles which has hung over Chinese teenagers and man-children for ten years was something that was deemed worthy of celebration.  However, mere days later we now hear from Dongfang Daily that your Ministry of Culture denies these wicked allegations and that lifting the ban was never even considered. Oceania had always been at war with Eurasia!

There had been much excitement at the idea that Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo could start selling in China again; and not just on the internet either.  One friend ran up to me at work to tell me how exciting it was that these companies could pump all this extra cash into games dev. Do people not see what’s happened in Russia, where video game piracy is as common as getting teabagged when playing Halo online? Interestingly, following the initial rumour of sales possibly opening up, the share prices of Sony and Nintendo jumped.  I wonder if they will drop rapidly as well. More fool you if you bought hiked up shares in Sony because they might be able to sell legally in China. Dongfang Daily laughs in your money wasting faces. The most amazing thing about this story might well be that it comes from a newspaper called Dongfang Daily. Any tenuously phallic reference will cheer up my day.



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