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Over 2 Million People Tried Out Dead Space 3 Ahead of Its Release This Week

  • Written by Kieran McNairn
  • Category: News Main

Dead Space 3

I’ve often found it hard to find a movie that scares me. When I want to be scared and I just can’t find a film that does it for me, I’ll play Dead Space. Hell, I’ve not even finished the second one yet because I stubbornly insist on playing it alone, in the dark with headphones on and it’s terrifying. So after avoiding anything to do with Dead Space on the internet to avoid spoilers I was pleasantly surprised to find out Dead Space 3 will be released at the end of this week, and if download stats are anything to go by, then Dead Space 3 will be a huge hit.

EA have announced that the demo, which was launched on January 22nd via Xbox Live and PSN has been downloaded more than two million times and that preorders are higher than for Dead Space 2. This is fantastic news for EA, but doesn’t particularly guarantee that the game will be any good. For example, the DLC-heavy launch has me a little dubious about the quality of the game. Dead Space 3 will be released with 11 pieces of DLC available, as well as a microtransaction system in place for those mobile gamers who are used to instant gratification. I can only see this type of thing as cynical. You know what people who were in need of instant gratification used to do? Look in the back of video games magazines for cheat codes. Nonetheless, the first two games in the franchise were strong enough that I’ll still be picking up Dead Space 3 on its release (08 February in Europe, 05 February in North America). Will you? [Source]

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