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It's Here - Battlefield 4 Gameplay Trailer

  • Written by Christopher Jones
  • Category: News Main

So the much anticipated, and teased-at date of March 26th has come and gone which means Battlefield 4 has been revealed. Following a slew of cryptic messages and promotional materials DICE has finally given the world its first look at their new shooter, and it looks awesome. Pretty much every facet of DICE/Battlefield social media has been posting various snipets of the game over the last 12-18 hours; ranging from screenshots to clips, but the thing we're all most interested in? The trailer.

17 minutes of Battlefield 4 in action. Not unlike how they initially promoted the previous installment of the series, the trailer introduces us to the main character and his squad, before showing all Hell break loose and giving us a glimpse of what some of the gameplay elements will entail. Now, while the visuals are awesome, what the trailer shows is pretty typical of a modern military shooter's campaign. Go here, kill people, go there, kill people, drive this jeep, kill people.

The trailer does its job of stimulating our appetites, without doing much to satisfy the hunger. In fact - it actually makes me hungrier for more info. Outside of Bad Company this isn't exactly a franchise (or a genre as a whole really) that's known for its single player campaigns. Hopefully the wait to get details about the online multiplayer won't be too long. Jets!


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