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Barbara Gordon Gets Her Revenge in Injustice

  • Written by Christopher Jones
  • Category: News Main

NetherRealm Studios has just released the latest character reveal/DLC trailer for Injustice: Gods Among Us, featuring its newest fighter - Batgirl. Yes, just what everyone wanted from this game - more Batman characters. Also on display in the new footage is an appropriate new skin for The Joker - his "Killing Joke" attire from that fateful night when he shot, and paralyzed Barbara Gordon. Check it out below:

It is still unconfirmed at this point whether or not the new Joker skin will be part of the Batgirl DLC like the Batman "Flashpoint" skin was with Lobo, or is going to be included as a new skin pack - which, much to dismay of many who bought it, are not included in the season pass.


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